About Mbox

Mbox is a platform offering a multitude of cloud services. It combines the powers of managed services such as hosting and email with the flexibility and high-availability of modern cloud platform.

About ION

ION Group founded in 2002 is specialized in offering on-site services and support to customers. It's been offering hosting and hosted services since it's early days but only in 2011, after several months of preparation of the virtualization infrastructure, these services have been structured inside the Mbox.

    Online Collaboration
Increase productivity
    Virtual Server
Cloud Server & VPS Hosting
  Email has evolved from a single application, single purpose system. Today, access your mails, contacts, calendar items from your desktop, laptop and mobile device at the same time in any place.   More
  Take advantage of our infrastructure to host your own service allowing you to run your own public or private services and application combined with the high-availability of our platform.   More
    Domains & DNS
Access the top level
Your presence online
  Much like a brand name, a domain name today is your representation online. It’s your website, your email address, your product. Together with our DNS infrastructure, we make sure you are never off the air.    More
  Whether you want to start a blog, forum, picture gallery, company website or an eCommerce application, we provide the necessary expertise to make your site run and keep it running.   More  
    Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
Securing your Inbox
    Remote Backup
Protect your files
   Email has become a daily tool we all have come to use and love, but unfortunately, when you say Email, you say Spam.   More       Information can make or break a business. What would happen if you lost all your information?   More