Virtual Server

Cloud Server & VPS Hosting

Even though we propose a lot of different online services to cover your needs, sometimes this just isn’t enough. You may need to have your own CRM, ERP or other dedicated management software. Or you may need improved security or special configurations that are not available on a shared platform.

To cover these needs, we offer you the possibility to use resources on our cloud. You receive your own dedicated CPU power, memory and storage bundled together with the operating system your require.



We provision servers in shares of equal capacity that can be combined for bigger servers.

A standard share contains:

  • 1 virtual CPU
  • 1GB of dedicated memory
  • 20GB of high performance disk space
  • 40GB of normal disk space
  • 1 virtual network interface with public IP
  • unlimited transfer *


  • Protection against physical server failures
  • Physical server maintenance with zero downtime
  • Redundant servers, storage, network and connectivity
  • Totally autonomous environments
  • Simple upgrade of CPU, Memory,     
  • Disk Space in seconds
  • Optional Secure VPN Connections
  • Snapshot backups
  • Backup storage integrated into each VM
  • Dedicated guaranteed memory allocation
  • Remote console with reboot options

Available OS’s


  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Red Hat
  • Suse Enterprise
  • Open Suse
  • Debian


  • Web Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • SQL Server

Dynamic shares

Thanks to Xen and virtualization technologies, you can upgrade your server on the fly. Once you notice that your CPU, memory or storage resources run low, just contact us to upgrade your system and we will allocate more resources to your server so that you can keep your services available at all times.

Operating System support

Several flavors of Linux and Windows Server are available for your virtual server. Choose one of our templates and your machine can be up and running within minutes.

Virtual Console

What happens if you mess up a network configuration or you have trouble with your access software and can’t access it over the network? Thanks to a Java Console, you can connect to your VM at boot level, to troubleshoot any configuration problems or simply reboot the machine.

Backup and Snapshots

Virtualization allows us to streamline backups of whole Virtual Machines. It does not replace backups but having a working copy of your Virtual
Machine that can be restored within seconds allows you to get your service up and running in case of a wrong manipulation, wrong update or other system failure. The same snapshot feature can also be used to duplicate machines or revert state of development or test infrastructure.