Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Securing your Inbox

Email has become a daily tool we all have come to use and love, but unfortunately, when you say Email, you say Spam.

Approximately 92% of all email on the Internet is Spam and we can make sure you don’t get any.

Our Anti-spam & Anti-virus solution intercepts spam and virus messages before they arrive on the email server. An email gateway is filtering all incoming messages and rids your inbox of spam, viruses, trojan horses and other dangerous content before they reach their destination.

Key Features

Increased Security:
By filtering your mail online, we keep the load of your network and server and free those resources up for important tasks.

Quarantine View:
Each user has access to an online-quarantine with a user-friendly web interface to see the detected spam. Messages and release false positives to their inbox.

Message Tracing:
Follow incoming and outgoing messages that passed through the gateway to confirm they arrived at destination.

Each user can define his own language, actions to take on detected spam, report frequency and address bundling.

TLS/SSL Support:
Further increase your email security by encrypting connections between you and the destination server.


Mbox Anti-Spam can be plugged into any existing mail infrastructure. A simple modification of the MX record will route all traffic to our filtering cluster which accepts the message, scans it for spam, viruses and dangerous content and finally relays the clean messages to your mail server.

In can be used in any scenario, whether your mail is hosted on our platform, on someone elses or on your own on-site mail server.

Our team will assist you with any configuration or modification required to get the system up and running.

Technical Details:

  • Removes more than 99.9% of incoming viruses
  • Guarantees rate of spam detection
  • Combines multiple technologies to adapt to spammers' strategies
  • Validates recipient address over Callout (LDAP, SMTP)
  • Implements spammer blacklists such as ORDB, Spamhaus, etc.
  • Verifies the identity of sending mail servers
  • Implements heuristic techniques including Bayesian filters
  • Intercepts and scans mail attachments in real time
  • Each user can forward errors to correct filtering criteria
  • Constantly checks for virus/spam filtering rule updates from analysis center
  • Redundancy guaranteed through multi-server, multi-MX setup


For standard hosted setup, pricing starts at 1.- € a month. For larger or custom setup, please contact us.