Information can make or break a business. What would happen if you lost all your information? What would you do if all your customer and accounting data, reports, documents, orders, quotes, disappeared in an instant?

An online backup makes sure that your information is safe and secure from any kind of danger, Human, Machine or Environmental.

Technical Features

Secure Tunnel:
An encrypted and authentificated connection is
created everytime the automated scripts
transfer your files from your office or computer to the online repository. This ensures no man-in-the-middle can listen in on the traffic or even intercept it.

Delta Copy:
To save bandwidth, the backup automation checks and compares files to make sure only new and modified files are transferred. This allows for the backup method to work even on residential DSL lines with limited bandwidth.

To make sure an environmental event can’t destroy all the backup data, copies of the files are stored on two different sites.

Web Interface:
Web Interface allowing you to recover single files or folders.

OS Support:
All common operating systems are supported, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
servers and workstations.

Common reasons for data loss

The most common reasons for data loss is a human action intentional or unintentional.  A simple mouse click, drag, wrong button or short cut and a file or folder is gone and hours of work lost.

A power failure, a head crash or simple wear might cause your storage devices to fail. Bugs in software updates or just the crash of a program might destroy or corrupt a file you were working on for days or weeks.

A fire, leaking pipe or lightning storm can destroy your server, along with your backup solutions. A remote backup of your data makes sure no local incident destroys your data.


Everyone can offer you online space to backup your files. We make sure that everything works and your files are restorable. Each transfer is monitored to make sure it transfers all the files it’s supposed to. Errors are analysed and resolved to make sure the next schedule will run smoothly again. We also do recovery tests to make sure that we are not just storing a bunch of digital trash on our servers.

Online Repository

With the daily workflow evolving, some small companies might not want to have a file server anymore to store all their files. Use the online “backup” repository to store a copy of your files but also syncronize them between several computers. Each user can be treated independently or all together giving you a central repository of your company’s files that might be used all over the world, from Brussels to Buenos Aires.